Document Scanning and Digitization

Scanning and Degitization with OCR | ICR

Document Storage and Retrieval Software are important as they guarantee the smooth flow of Information within an Organization, help in increasing Productivity, Securely Store Data.

The Primary Objective of this project is to Develop a System that will collect information by way of Scanning Document and Designing a Mechanism, which will provide the required information at any point of time & to provide Transparent, Secure & Smart Mechanism for the Old Documents Retrieval Process. This Process need Accuracy & Transparency as the betterment of information is based on their previous history.

 Provision for Back up of Scanned Documents.
 Real-time based Dashboard for Monitoring of Activates/Progress     of work at Higher Level.
 All Records get available in Digital Media Format.
 Reduce Operating Cost.
 Increase Client Satisfaction.
 Save Space & Enhanced Time Efficiency.

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