Software Devlopment

Software Development

Fusion One provides Turnkey Software Development on Time and Material basis. This may involve the development of New Applications or the development of New Functions for existing Software Applications. Each development project typically involves all aspects of the Software Development Process, including Prototyping, Design, Pilots, Programming, Testing, Installation and Maintenance.

For the Production Environment in which End Users Operate, we schedule the Maintenance Windows and for the Non-Production Environment that is used just for testing, We Analyse processes followed by your developers in detail to determine the Maintenance Objectives. We Decode Project Objectives by Analysing Enterprise Applications and Knowledge sharing to Interpretation the Program Complexity. We build a customized Maintenance Strategy and Maintenance Proposals, which will be presented to you for Approval. We Evaluate the Stability and Extendibility of your infrastructure to check the probability of a ripple effect. We check the Maintenance Protocol after Implementation to check its Reliability. If necessary, We provide Ongoing Preventive Maintenance Support. After your approval, Our team compiles the actions and responses into a report for record keeping and/or future reference

 Software Availability, Performance, Security, and Compliance Monitoring.
 Software Re-engineering (including Code Refactoring, Architecture Redesign,      Data Restructuring, Reverse Engineering).
 QA Activities (including Regular Code Reviews).
 Infrastructure Optimization (e.g., Cloud Resource Consumption Optimization).

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