Software Maintenance

Software & Website Maintainance

Fusion One provides Maintenance Services for large Legacy Systems. Maintenance services include major and minor Modifications, and Enhancements as well as Production Support. Such systems are Client/Server Systems; and are typically essential to a Client’s Business.

We schedule regular Maintenance Windows for the Preventive Software Maintenance Activities that can cause downtimes. These time intervals should always be available, even if not used each time. At this stage, we also provide the customer with clear and detailed reports (e.g., reports on team productivity, service quality KPIs, incident reports, security audit reports), and a revised risk management strategy.

  Responding to Identified Complex Issue.
 Modifying Software to keep it complaint with a changed or Changing       Environment.
  Making the Software meet New Requirements that were not originally required       Addressing urgent fixes.
  Software Troubleshooting, Fixing its Performance, Configuration and Security       issues.
 Fixing Software issues on the Code and Database Level, Customization,       Software Integration.

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