Onscreen Evalution

Onscreen Evaluation

Digital Onscreen Evaluation or Digital Answer-Sheet Evaluation provides many advantages for education institutes to simplify post-examination activities leading to result processing. Digital Onscreen Marking System is useful to evaluate physical copies of the answer sheets in digital format. Fusion One uses tools like digital annotations, assigning marks, total calculation, and moderation are simplified and can be completed in a quick time.

Automate the online evaluation process by evaluating the answer scripts online.
Make the evaluation process easy, efficient and affordable by removing location     constraints and the offline evaluation process.
Reduce the evaluation time, and cost and improve answer script accuracy.
Faster and more accurate result processing by evaluating answer scripts     online.
Flexible Evaluation can be done anywhere, anytime irrespective of the location     of the schools.
Extensive Reporting allows you to generate detailed reports on answer scripts.

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