Fusion One offers right solution in today’s business environment across all industries, who are striving for competitive advantage by proactively managing the effects of volatile market conditions while continuously increasing margins and return on existing investment.


UNIVERSITIES | COLLEGES | SCHOOL — All Universities, Colleges and School have large volume of student and employee records in the form of papers and files, which carries a very vital information. Universities have examination records as well as the grade wise confidential documents which needs to be carefully managed.

Financial Services

BANKS | FINANCIAL SERVICE PROVIDERS | OTHERS — In Banks, The information provided on documents of Customer as well as Financial services provider is extremely critical hence proper management of all these document has always been a stressful task. Mostly all Banking & Financial Services organizations are regulated by Government Regulatory Bodies.

Government Services

LOCAL | MUNICIPAL | STATE LEVEL — Local bodies, City or State Government are one of the most critical departments where documents are to be stored for a long duration or may be for life time. The information contained here plays a vital role referring past records or past decisions and policies. The task of retrieving old documents is very time consuming and very hectic. It is also follows with the protocol of access permissions..

Healthcare Services

HOSPITALS | CINICS | LABROTARIES — Healthcare Records for Hospitals and Clinics Patient Details such as treatment history, billing, notes, reports and other documents are very vital and critical for patient as well as hospitals/clinics. With FusiDMS – you will have professionals with an easy to use system for managing all the Health care related documents which are easily Scanned, Stored and easily retrievable..

Legal Services

LEGAL FIRMS | COURT | OTHERS — FusiDMS Legal Document Management Systems. Files or Document storage and rapid retrieval of the document or information required are the major challenges faced by law firms when it comes to document management..

Manufacturing Services

INDUSTRIES | SME’S | OTHERS — Today Critical Data files, reports, employee records and many more (no limit to it) that are required to be maintained forever that resultantly leads to enhanced pressure on the staff and heavy space consumption. The one thing that you cannot stop manufacturing is paper despite of your core business.

Property Document Management Services

REAL ESTATE | LEASE CONTRACTS | OTHERS — Scanned and store property related documents such as Lease contracts, Notices, Invoices and payment slips, transaction records and all other property related documents. FusiDMS will take care of all and set the access and retrieve parameters for documents as per the business defined structure.


INDUSTRIES | SME’S | OTHERS — If you want to know specific solution about your industry do fill up the form and feel free to write us. Our representative will get back to you in 48 hours and will find the solution that suits your industry.

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